UP is an experiential fundraising agency that goes beyond face-to-face acquisition. We make deeper connections with donors through experiences with your cause. In turn they are not only inspired to give but to become an advocate for your cause urging others to join.

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Our network of contacts; from recruitment to event space – we can deliver. Over 50 years combined experience of monthly donations, marketing and branding.


The UP Team combines more than 50 years of fundraising, marketing and experiential excellence with a robust network of locations and solutions that are right for you.

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UP Fundraising Combines the wow factor of an event to engage donors, with high quality monthly donor acquisition and stewardship to ensure a long term donor.

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Life is busy; ads and pitches are constantly bombarding people. As a charity you aren’t just competing with other charities for donor dollars - you are competing with products and services for their attention. Donors want something real, they want to be inspired, they want to connect and be a part of the cause. We make the difference in donors staying long-term. If a donor experiences first-hand what your cause is about, they will be inspired to give and make a lasting connection.

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Neil Spivack


Matthew Bergin

National Field Director

Aspa Palamiotis

Senior Account Manager

Andrew McRae

Managing Director


We work with you to understand who you are, and what you need and we customize a solution that works for you.

We start with our leaders and recruit specifically for your campaign so that we can find people most motivated by your cause.

The right experience, in the right place, to deliver the right donors for you.

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UP creates campaigns that allow donors to experience your cause. We go beyond traditional face-to-face acquisition.

Research has shown us that if you can engage a donor with your cause, you will make a deeper connection with a donor at the point of acquisition. The donor is then more likely to give longer and give more. The key is then getting them to identify themselves with your cause, in turn they are not only inspired to give but to become an advocate and urge others to give as well.

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550 Queen Street East, Suite 145
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