We all believe in change. We want to see our world improved, and have a positive impact on everyone and everything around us. The problem is in reaching others who will catch the same vision, and are willing to invest themselves in the cause.

Retail Fundraising

Up Fundraising provides fundraising marketing in Toronto, Canada. We believe we can challenge ourselves to inspire the public to take action. Through powerful dialogue, engaging conversations and unique experiences, our goal is to make an impact on our world. Our team specializes in creating opportunities to connect donors to charities and inspire them to commit to long-term support and involvement in the movement.


We begin by helping you recruit and assemble a team dedicated to the cause, working with one heart and mind towards a common goal. Harnessing the power of numbers, your team is trained to function as a harmonious unit empowered with a positive message.


We engineer a experience for the donor that not only informs them, but also touches them emotionally and inspires them. Stirring up passion within them, our desire is that the encounter moves them to challenge their own boundaries and consider the importance of the need.


Through their emotional encounter, the consumer then begins to identify themselves with the cause. By connecting their own feelings to the need, they commit themselves fully and become a permanent advocate for the cause, partnering with you to achieve the desired change in the world.

Our Team

The Up Fundraising team brings more than 50 years of fundraising, marketing and experiential excellence to the table. We’ll handle the entire process for you, making your outreach relaxed and hassle-free. Our custom solutions can create a program that’s effective, powerful and long-lasting, to help you move your cause forward and achieve everything your vision perceives and your heart desires.